Volunteers & Board


The following individuals volunteer their time to serve on the Board and make the Buddy Werner Tahoe a reality for all of the kids. However, we need many volunteers each week to serve as coaches, set the race courses, time and marshal the racers, and serve as a point of contact in the lodge. Jobs are available even if you don’t ski.  Please contact one of the following board members for more information.

Board Members:  2015-2016 Season

Board of Directors

* Chairperson/President – Tim Schrader

* Vice President – Mike Webb

* Race Director – John Chandler

* Head Coach –Chris Taylor

* Assistant Race Coach – Vacant

* Secretary – Sue Gardner

* Treasurer – Karen Strahle

* Media Coordinator – Darren Mack

Board Members at Large:

* Guy Cozzi

* Debbie Knochenhauer